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Clearing Nut (Strychnos Potatorum.) ( Inginee )

Clearing Nut (Strychnos Potatorum.) ( Inginee )in a historical age Sri Lankan were used lot of medicinal drinks with their daily activities. After Europeans are coming here this traditional life patterns, foods and most of our cultural things are changed. Then after they introduced Tea, Coffee and Cocoa as drinks. When the time is passed people were addicted to English people’s drinks But, the traditional medicinal juices and drinks gave the health and strength for the people who work hard. One of these drinks, “Clearing Nut” is very important.

This is a healthy medicinal drink and it has very good taste. It can change the water density.( application to the clearing of muddy water). the seeds are employed as a remedy in diabetes. So, it is a good benefit for everyone to prevent from the most of illnesses in our body.

According to Indigenous Medical System it is used to cure the people from illness mainly strangury, urinary discharges, head diseases, eye diseases, thirst, poisoning, Kidney clearing weight gaining ,seeds as useful in gonorrhea, and hallucinations



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